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 Avenged Soul

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PostSubject: Avenged Soul   Avenged Soul Icon_minitimeMon Sep 22, 2008 9:58 pm

im making a game...
its like a side scrolling or overworld.. (probably overworld)

EDIT2: heres a demo you dont have to download anything..
EDIT: its gonna be an overworld

youll run around and it will have a story...

Working On Story Unless Someone Wants To Help Me

when you go around (kind of like pokemon) youll fight people or animals.. its like a fighting version of pokemon =D...


Customize character (probably small customizing options)
Get Your Lvs Up
Maybe Have People Come With You And Join Your Party
More Too Come

Ok I Am Gonna Make This Game But First I Have To Ask A Question...

Should I Use GameMaker 7 To Make This Game Or Buy Flash
(I Could Buy It Right Now If I Wanted..)

I Am Experienced With Game Maker But It Lacks Things..

I Know Nothing About Code So I Might Need A Coder... If No One Supports Me Ill Find Away Around It Some How... eew

Anyone Got A Good Name For A Game Like This? Its Like A Warrior's Game

Working On Story: 10%

No Screenys Yet..

Got up a short demo
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Avenged Soul
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