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 Why PSP 10 is Better Than PSP GO

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PostSubject: Why PSP 10 is Better Than PSP GO   Why PSP 10 is Better Than PSP GO Icon_minitimeSat Jan 23, 2010 12:55 am

Background Info

Both PSPs are made by Sony and are somewhat similar to Playstation 2/3 but are portable. These PSPs have a bunch of stuff you can do on them like watching video, pictures, listen to music, play games and last not but least browse the web using an Wifi connection even though it was a bit stupid of them of not allowing internet cable (that’s what I think) since not everyone has Wifi Connection to access the internet.
Updating Your PSP

There are 3 ways you can go about updating your PSP:

* 1.) You can try using your computer, connecting your PSP via a usb cable or you can just insert the memory stick (for PSP) if you can in your computer the update can be found on
* 2.) Via a Wifi connection you can go into the settings on your PSP and look up for update. Make sure you’ve turned on the WLAN and also make sure you have an Wifi connection so you can update your PSP. I would also recommend putting your PSP on charge while you’re updating it.
* 3.) The last way is via an UMD (Universal Media Disk) CD and after you’ve inserted the CD into your PSP (note this only works for PSP 10 since PSP GO doesn’t use disks), go to games and scroll down to UMD and follow the steps.

Note that in order to update your PSP, you’re required a memory stick for your PSP. PSP 10 use a memory stick duo while PSP GO uses a M2.
Why PSP 10

Here’s some reasons why I prefer the PSP 10 than PSP GO.

The PSP GO apparently makes me feel like I’m downgrading myself. Why? Since PSP GO doesn’t support UMD, while PSP 10 does. Not only that but the memory card that PSP GO uses is somewhat smaller, which is a bad side considering that not everybody has a Wifi connection and the possibility of borrowing the memory card from someone else that’s using PSP 10 and that do have games on you can borrow will make it impossible since the memory card wont fit in. Also the new usb cable the PSP GO is using is somewhat different than the previous PSP and makes it harder to borrow and is also harder to find with chance that it might cost a bit more money then the previous.
Now What?

So we’ve come to the conclusion that PSP 10 is somewhat better than PSP GO. Before I close up my blog post, I would also recommend a good site where you can get reviews from some of the best PSP games: For more info about PSP you can reach the official PSP page from Playstation at

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Why PSP 10 is Better Than PSP GO
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